Ingrid Kelly

Writing and ideas always inspire me--just one of the many reasons why I became an English teacher. Teaching provides me with an opportunity to connect with people, to make a difference in their lives. I feel privileged to be part of the educational journey of my students and one of my main goals as a teacher is to leave each student with the ability to recognize their own potential, their power,  as a writer.

I started my own academic career as a student in a community college and it was there that I discovered a passion for learning and, later, for teaching. I recognized then and still recognize today the power and need for the community college. Education--in particular, the community college--offers students a new start, new possibilities, and teaching in a community college provides me with the privilege of becoming part of each student's journey to new discoveries, to empowerment, and to success.

I am excited about the prospect of further developing CoM's online program and in building CoM's Writing Center which includes online writing help where students have access to online tutoring from CoM Instructors. I have also served as Chair on CoM's Technology Committee, allowing me to help guide the technology decisions at the college and I served on the Academic Senate for two terms making recommendations for the development of policy for issues such as shared governance, accreditation, program review, curriculum development, grading policies, institutional planning, and budget development. All of these roles at the college have helped to make me a better teacher, allowing me to identify the needs of students and to implement policies at the college that meet those needs.

Online Learning Courses

  • English 150  Reading and Composition (1A)
  • English 151 Reading and Composition (1B)

Tips for Success in my Online Courses

No mandatory campus visits are required. The course is not a self-paced course but rather, an online community of learners working together. You are expected to log on at least 2-3 days a week to complete coursework, but you may choose whichever days and times suit you within the assignment deadlines.

Students enrolled in my courses should expect to spend about 6-9 hours a week on the course during a Spring/Fall term and 12-15 hours a week during an accelerated summer session. Activities include reading, research, writing essays, quizzes, collaborative projects, and participation in online discussions via text, audio, and/or video. I believe that enabling students to establish a strong social presence and designing a wide variety of collaborative activities that move beyond text-based assignments increase a student’s motivation to succeed. These collaborative assignments included in my online courses not only invite students to contribute, but also to respond to each other and share their own writing experiences, where a community of writers can learn from one another through the process of writing.

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Ingrid Kelly