Diana Conti

Diana Conti has been active on many boards and commissions in Marin County, particularly those dealing with families and the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. She has directed nonprofits for 30 years addressing a variety of human needs including alcohol and other drug problem treatment, prevention, and public policy; support services for low-income, elderly, and minority communities; ex-offender reentry services; mental health services; and services for people with developmental disabilities. She currently serves as executive director of Parca, an organization located in Burlingame, CA, serving people with developmental disabilities and their families. In addition, she chairs Thrive, The Alliance of Nonprofits for San Mateo County, and is the Founding President of West Bay Housing Development Corporation (housing for people with special needs). Last year she was elected to the Executive Board of the American Public Health Association. Diana graduated from the Emerge Democratic Women’s training program in 2007. She follows closely local politics and the developments in higher education in the county.