Devin Mims

Devin Mims is a student-athlete, born and raised in the Bay Area, who enjoys spending time with his family and playing basketball. He originally attended Chabot College, in Hayward, and transferred to College of Marin in the summer of 2022 to play for the men’s basketball team. He is a business-administration major who aspires to become an accountant and start a firm with his father. He was part of the Black Student Committee in high school where he put on events focused on culture, politics, and social issues. He informed the community about relevant issues, including why and how they affect the community, and how to solve them. Devin’s father has always taught him that “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed” and to “always share your God-given gift when you’re blessed with fortune.” Devin is open-minded, cooperative, goal-oriented, and ready and excited to learn as well as represent student voices as the 2022-2023 Student Trustee, at College of Marin.